How much should air duct cleaning cost?

How much should air duct cleaning cost?

Here at “” have decided to make a market research in order to really get an understanding of the prices relevance in air duct cleaning industry.

So before explaining the down side of the prices I will cut straight to the main point of the prices, which is why you are here today. The average prices for air duct cleaning are $300-$500, when the price is usually affected by factors like the size of the home/business, the number of ducts/vents and their configuration. The average price for air duct cleaning is about $30 a vent.

Some companies offer you a special price of $99 for duct cleaning, what we discovered is that most of the time this is a scam. The main point of that offer is to get into the clients residence and make a presale for additional services when they basically use a scare tactic, and those who fall for it might end up paying up to a $1000 if not more. You can find these offers in neither coupons nor the company itself. The companies we represent claim that some of the scammers usually say that they find mold or they try to upsell on additional services.

So it can really cost you!

We have discussed with our contractors, as well as some homeowners who have been victimized by these scams. Some might not even use the pushy techniques but might also use the wrong tools for the job such as a wrong vacuum and drills to get the job “done”, there for we ask to see the vents in a picture taken or a video after cleaned. Some contractor scammers usually end the cleaning job within less than 30 minutes, when it should take about 3 hours to get it done, and that is according to our research and the information provided from the companies we represent.

A good air duct cleaning company knows its equipment, and they claim that it’s necessary to use outdoor vented equipment, or a well-sealed vacuum system if within the residence, in order to release the dust and debris captured outside of the house or sealed within. A duct cleaner that uses low quality equipment might release a lot of dust into the air and the area of your house, and also damage your duct operation system.

So how could you tell for red flags from a company visiting?

First and foremost, follow the service man wherever he goes around the house and the system to see he is not damaging on purpose. If the technician tells you there are extra problems please ask to see clearly what he is referring to whether with your eyes or taking a video to see within. For mold problems, if you do not know what a mold is and how it looks, refuse for that kind of cleaning offering until you have a qualified mold firm checking the issue, only then ask for a visit to clean it up.

The air duct industry doesn’t have many regulations yet, and most states do not require a license for that kind of business to operate, so it is recommended that you do your research before hiring, luckily we have brought you a list of the top air duct cleaning suppliers that give both a fantastic price for the work and a reliable service with a guarantee for their work.

Ask potential air duct cleaning companies to provide you with a written checklist of exactly what they will do, and if you hire them, ask them to verify each task as they complete it. Qualified air duct cleaners will follow strict standards set by the National Air Duct Cleaners Association and should be happy to show you their credentials.

If you had a bad experience with an air duct service providers please do not hesitate to contact us.

Superior Air Duct Cleaning

Business Details

Business Name: Superior Air Duct Cleaning

Location: 3600 S Beeler St Denver, CO 80237 Southeast

Phone: (303) 357-3022

Serving the industry for 30 years, entered the air duct cleaning market in 2015 but have a 7 years of experience. Using the best equipment and team, Superior ensures you the best reliable service for its reasonable cost for home and business.


Business Details

Business Name: Zerorez

Location: 5320 W 23rd St STE 100

Saint Louis Park, MN 55416

Phone: (651) 779-8888

Contact name: Michael Kaplan, Managing Partner

Area of activity: Chicago and Chicagoland IL

Zerorez are in the market ever since 2005 and give excellent duct cleaning services to its area. They use highly qualified technicians who are knowledgeable and professional in the Air duct cleaning field. With the help of the highest technology and affordable prices they make sure the job is done perfectly at your residence or business. Contact them today for the best prices.

Air Duct Cleaning Group

Business Details

Business Name: Air Duct Cleaning Group

Location: 3926 W Touhy Ave
Lincolnwood, IL 60712

Phone: (847) 532-2676

Contact name: Mr. Shachar Hillel

Area of activity: Chicago and Chicagoland IL

Air duct cleaning group established in 2007, and are providing 11 years of great service to the community. They excel in HVAC system cleaning and repair and strive to give you the kindest and most professional service in the field. The technicians are well trained, qualified and will answer to your every question.

Our prices are affordable for any pocket.

Cunningham Duct Cleaning Co., Inc.

Business Details

Business Name:  Cunningham Duct Cleaning Co., Inc.

Location: 869 Sylvan Ave. Bayport, NY 11705-1013

Phone: (631) 665-6400

Contact name: Mr. Robert Cunningham, President

Area of activity: Chicago and Chicagoland IL

Cunningham Duct Cleaning Co., Inc is in the field for the past fifty years. They are confident in what they do in the field of Air duct industry, with the advanced equipment and the NADCA CSIA certification; they assure you the best service you will ever have, for either your home or business.


Green Air Care

Business Details

Business Name: Green Air Care

Location: 1584 Barclay Blvd Buffalo Grove, IL 60089

Phone: (888) 422-6899

Contact name: Mr. Eduard Babayev

Area of activity: Chicago and Chicagoland IL


Green Air Care has been to Chicago since 2011 and providing great service in air duct clean to its customers around Chicagoland. A skilled team of qualified technicians that provide a top of the line service to its clients. We will answer your every question regarding HVAC systems and air duct cleaning. They bring you cost-effective, long-term, and proven solutions, whether you are looking to invest, upgrade the old, or maintain existing equipment. Quick turnaround, experts, and competitive pricing are some of the ways we eliminate inconvenience and maximize rewards.


RamAir International Inc.

Business Details

Business Name:  RamAir International Inc.

Location: 62971 Plateau Drive, Suite 400 Bend, OR 97702

Phone: (888.272.6247)

Area of activity: Chicago and Chicagoland IL

For RamAir International inc, Air duct cleaning is a mission. They make sure every technician is well trained and qualified for a conversation with the customer for his satisfaction. Every technician has to check his equipment before leaving for a job, make sure he is clean and organized and of course a smile on his face. With the competitive prices in the market we want to make sure you get both a good price and a professional service.

Clean Air Doctors

Clean Air Doctors

Business Details

Business Name: Clean Air Doctors

Location: 5318 N Clark St, Ste 2F Chicago, IL 60640

Phone: (773) 669-6139

Area of activity: Chicago and Chicagoland IL

Clean Air Doctors are known for their superb service in the Air duct cleaning and HVAC maintenance industry. They strive for the best and qualified their technicians to the level of perfection in their duties. The technicians are there to answer your any questions. The company uses brand new and advanced Duct cleaning equipment that assures the process will be cleaner and better.